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Torchwood Hub RP
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Torchwood RP

twood_hub is an established Torchwood RP, well into its second year of activity.

The RP was started at the end of Series 1, and therefore will understandably be AU for Series 2 and onwards. If you’re looking for a strictly canon RP, this isn’t the place for you.

We are NC-17 rated: sex scenes etc are perfectly welcome


The Rules

1. All players must be 18 or over
2. Proper use of grammar and punctuation is essential (unless you’re RPing a text :P)
3. Stay in character. The plot may be AU, the characters aren’t
4. Personal journals should be updated on a fortnightly basis
5. Be available – you’re no use to other players if you can only get online for half an hour every two months.
6. No power playing – you’re responsible for your character, and your character only.
7. RP posts to the community should be in 1st person, present (see the community for examples)
8. Private journals should be written like any normal journal (see character journals below for examples)
9. When applying for a role, please put the phrase “Kiss The Boys Goodbye” as the subject line of the email to show you’ve read the rules


The Players

Currently taken:

The Team
Captain Jack Harkness: j_harkness11
Gwen Cooper: cooper_gwen
Owen Harper: cocky_cockney
Toshiko Sato: toshtosh
Ianto Jones: coffeekingianto
The OCs
Isabel McPhee: izzie_mcphee
SL Hugh Rowan: rowanlost
Gethin Jones: gethin_jones
Prof. Ewan Harrow: exiled_prof
Other canon characters
Sarah Jane Smith: his_sarah_jane

Any applications for other Torchwood characters not mentioned above, or OCs, will also be welcome and considered


The Application

Character name:
How will this character be used?:
How will this character be incorporated in the plot?


Real name (first only will do):
LJ (if you have one):


Please write an example entry into your character’s journal:

Please write an example introduction to a roleplay:

If possible, link to some previous experience in RPs (don’t worry if this is your first time):

Email all applications to: kat.fowler@gmail.com